Wednesday, September 2, 2015

PowerWalks Hero Schools (August 2015)

In furtherance of a LYS Nation tradition, we will take this time to tip our caps to the campuses that have embraced the most important step in creating and maintaining an action oriented professional learning community.  These are the campuses that have conducted an extraordinary number of formative classroom observations in a given month.  Since this is the beginning of the school year, any campus that conducted even a single PowerWalks observation is to be considered a Hero Campus.  Next month, as you can see below, the bar will be raised a little bit higher.

Your September Targets
High Schools – 150 PowerWalks Observations
Middle Schools / Junior High Schools – 125 PowerWalks Observations
Elementary / Intermediate / Combined Campuses – 100 PowerWalks Observations
Alternative Schools – 50 PowerWalks Observations

Now without further ado, here are your forty PowerWalks Hero Schools for the month of August 2015.  Congratulations!!!

Elementary Schools & Combined Campuses
Middle Schools & Junior High Schools
Alternative Schools
High Schools
Eastside ES (CISD) - 158
Cleveland MS (CISD) - 128
Frederick Douglas LC (CISD) - 14
Fairdale HS (JCPS) - 474
Northside ES (CISD) - 154
Marlin MS (MISD) - 115
Cleveland DAEP (CISD)
Mayde Creek HS (KISD) - 202
Rennell ES (CFISD) - 129
Magnolia JH (MISD) - 97

Marlin HS (MISD) - 62
Marlin ES (MISD) - 110
Borger MS (BISD) - 63

Iroquois HS (JCPS) - 42
Portland ES (JCPS) – 41
Unicoi County MS (UCS) - 22

Morton Ranch HS (KISD) - 28
Paul Belton ES (BISD) - 32
Canyon MS (CISD)

Marion County HS (MCPS) - 20
Southside PS (CISD) - 31
Lomax JH (LPISD)

Borger HS (BISD)
Crockett ES (BISD) - 27

Mathis HS (MISD)
Dublin IS (DISD) - 25

Colonial Hills ES (NEISD) - 22

Borger IS (BISD) - 20

Dublin ES (DISD) - 17

Gateway ES (BISD) - 15

Raymond E. Curtis ES (WISD) - 15

Kerrick ES (JCPS) - 11

Rock Creek ES (UCS)

Love Chapel ES (UCS)

Refugio ES (RISD)

Temple Hill ES (UCS)

Unicoi ES (UCS)

Frost Schools (FISD)

Bonham ES (HISD)

J.H. Hines ES (WISD)

Think. Work. Achieve.
Your turn...

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