Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The TASSP / LYS Leadership Academy

The Event So Nice – We’re Doing It Twice!

E. Don Brown
Texas Principal for 30+ years.
Past President of TASSP and NASSP
An Early Pioneer of IB and PLC’s
An Architect of Breaking Ranks
Principal Emeritus for NASSP and Lead Your School
A Mentor to 100’s of schools leaders across the country

o   The Leader as Communicator: A schools leader’s most powerful lever is communication. One of the most influential principals in the past 50 years shares the what, when, how and where’s of the leadership communication and the powerful effect it has on school success.

Sherilynn Cotten
Texas Secondary School Principal (ret)
Early adopter of PLC’s and IB
Recognized school improvement expert
An original LYS Coach

o   Run the Play: The success of your school boils down to your answer to the question, “How confident am I that what is being taught today is what is supposed to be taught to day?” Learn about the understandings, actions, and process that must be in place on your campus to ensure that the right thing is being taught at the right time in every classroom on your campus.

Dr. Darin Jolly
Active Texas Superintendent
A pioneer and leader in the use of Social Media for professional growth.

o   The Leader as Evaluator: The effective formative and summative evaluation of staff is an invaluable tool for every school leader. Yet it is a tool that too many in our profession wield ineffectively. Dr. Darin Jolly will highlight the connection between coaching (formative practice) and evaluating (summative practice) and how the improved use of both transforms school leadership into legacy building.

Fletcher Turcato
Active Wyoming Superintendent           
A Texas secondary school administrator
District is experiencing unprecedented improvements in student performance and graduation rates

o   The Power of Focus: In three years, the second poorest school district in Wyoming has dramatically increased performance for all students and has experienced an unprecedented gain in graduation rates.  Join the Maverick Superintendent of Wyoming, Fletcher Turcato, as he shares how his team harnesses the Power of Focus to improve opportunity and outcomes for each student who walks through their school doors.

Sean Cain
Former State Director of Innovative School Redesign (Texas)
Best-selling education author
Nationally recognized school improvement expert
Chief Idea Officer – Lead Your School

o   Bridging the Gaps: An interactive, planning presentation that walks the participant thru the process of bridging the gaps between knowing and doing, and doing and understanding that prevent schools and educators from meeting their true potential.  At the end of the presentation participants will have created an actionable plan for rapidly increasing staff capacity and school success.

o   The Structure for Success: An interactive presentation that provides participants with an overview of critical tools and processes that schools must have in place in order to leverage brain power and maximize staff success and student performance, at scale. 

Think. Work. Achieve.
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