Friday, January 6, 2017

Legendary Leadership Badge (December 2016)

There are those that don’t understand the power of reflective observation.  They mistakenly believe that there is nothing to learn after a few cursory visits to a classroom.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the most important key to building insight and deeper understanding about teaching and learning is to engage in a steady volume of daily classroom observation.  What we have learned over the past ten years is that after about every 300 classroom observations, the observer will notice, discern, and/or learn something new... something that was previously hidden. It is the “Eureka” moment, and there is nothing else like it in instructional leadership.

In this pursuit, there is the PowerWalks Legendary Leadership Badge that is earned every 300th PowerWalks Observation. The following instructional leaders have already earned the Legendary Leadership Badge for the 2016/2017 school year (as of 12/31/16).

Cynthia Childers: December 2016
E. Cormier: December 2016
Lisa Fain: December 2016
James Kisner: December 2016
Kevin Odea: December 2016
Blake Maxwell: December 2016
Tim Merki: December 2016
Rhonda Mieth: December 2016
Jenny Morris: December 2016
Melissa Myers: December 2016
Diane Ranft: December 2016
Lois Redden: December 2016
Patsy Sanchez: December 2016
Michelle Schreiner: December 2016
Joel Thomas: December 2016
Jacinda Waldrip: December 2016

Monta Bonham: November 2016
Kenneth Bryant: November 2016
Michelle Casas: November 2016
Christopher Collins: November 2016
Susan Finkle: November 2016
Tra Hall: November 2016
Christal Hammond: November 2016
Tom Jaggard: November 2016
Brian Odom: November 2016
Tisha Piwetz: November 2016
Donna Price: November 2016
Angie Quinn: November 2016
Christina Spears: November 2016
Gina Vilches: November 2016

Patti Ward: October 2016
John Speck: October 2016

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